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Mike Skalitzky
Sobieski, Wisconsin 54171

Canvas By The Stitch

My brothers and I are huge outdoors-man. We hunt deer, duck, geese,
and pheasant every year. We also love to fish and go camping on
occasion. While I do many different activities and have many uses for
the trailer, I could see owning one even if I only did one of those things.
With the trailer being so light, the family mini van is able to pull it with
ease. It's the easiest crank down fish house I've ever used, and it has
plenty of room to haul my Wilcraft and other equipment. The insulated
canvas keeps us plenty warm and dry, even through the blizzards with
the wet and heavy snow. I'm so glad that being a salesman for Wilcraft
gives me opportunities to use the demos. My next big purchase will be
the All Season Sport Trailer from Canvas by the Stitch. I plan on having
it in time for WE Fest! Thank you Canvas by the Stitch for a quality
American made sports trailer that any outdoors person could find
multiple uses for.

-Jake Behrendt
This is David Atzl,

I got a fish house from you, its been
the best fish house that I have every
had. 7 inches of ice to 60 below
wearing nothing but t-shirts and
slippers. From hunting to fishing and
hauling a 4 wheeler its been the best
ever hands down.

Hi Guys,

new house ice fishing last Tuesday on
her maiden voyage and everything
worked better than expected. I hauled
it up to Mille Lacs on early ice. It towed
great set up was super easy and
stayed plenty warm overnight and I
didn't even bank it and had the door
facing the wrong way (upwind) it got
down to about 3 below and the holes
did NOT freeze up which enabled me
to pull in a couple walleyes in the
middle of the night. I'm really happy
with this house!

-Dan Ryan
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I've had an All Season Sport Trailer for
6 years, camo canvas is still in great
shape. A light house to pull with your
ATV everywhere, I've been very happy
with mine. Used it for a hunting shack
and ice fishing.

My dad has had an All Season Sport
Trailer for about five yeas now and its
still in as good shape as it was new
and he uses it a lot. Big advantage is
the weight when all the guys with
hardside houses are waiting for at
least a foot of ice we've been out on
the lake on 8" pulled with wheeler. We
also use it for a deer shack. We heat it
with just a buddy heater and its warm
enough to be in a t-shirt at -10F.
Badger Docks and Lifts of WI
Todd Kurth
Canvas By The Stitch
Webster, Wisconsin 54893
North St. Paul, MN
PBT Trailer Sales
315 66th Ave. NE Carrington, ND 58421

Just want to say thank you once again
for working with me to create an
awesome fish house and camper.
Even though I haven’t used it yet, I am
thoroughly impressed with your
craftsmanship and attention to detail.
These trailers are a work of art. It is
everything you advertise and was
completed on time. I’m sure I will love it
even more as I get to use it. We will no
doubt create a lot of great memories
with that trailer. So far, the drop-top
feature works like a charm and allowed
me to get it through my 7ft garage
door with ample room to still drive my
ATV into it. Without that feature, I’d still
be dreaming of my new fish house
instead of owning one. The trailer
looks fantastic. Thanks again!


Link RV
Minong, WI