CANVAS BY THE STITCH                                                    Custom Design - Superior Craftsmanship  
The Nodak All Season Sport Trailer, longer, stronger, and wider.                              The Original
Haul your largest ATV's and UTV's.

With all of our trailers you will notice a significant difference in their quality when comparing them to other soft-sided enclosures or to similar constructed
Our materials are strong, our construction is strong, and made to last.
For our cover we use three fabrics; the first layer is a 600 denier polyester camouflage or solid color fabric, it is heavy-duty, waterproof, and will maintain
its durability for years.
Our center layer, 3M Thinsulate™, keeps the trailer warm. Using a medium sized propane heater, we can sit in a 70-degree trailer while it’s 20 below
outside. Our final layer is a 300 denier black polyester, dark to block out light, water repellent, and fire retardant for safety, it passes the FR CPAI 84.
Our design minimizes the amount we have to sew on the fabric including the insulation, which allows it to trap more air; therefore, it’s not crushed under
stitches or full of stitch holes. The more air a material traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates you from the cold outside.

You will notice the use of binding throughout the entire trailer. We use a one-inch black acrylic binding covering all our edges and seams. This gives
added strength and puts an end to all those exposed seams with the loose threads. This leaves the trailer cover strong and adds a sharp and sleek
finished appearance.


Customizable, design it how you want it, how you need it, and how you’ll use it!

We have our base Nodak A.S.S.T. designed for extreme and efficient use; we'll start there, after that,  you decide if you want additional options to create
the trailer you'll need.

BASE NODAK A.S.S.T.                                                                                                                   $6,745.00

Our Base Nodak Trailer comes with everything included below.

  • frame, 18'6" x 6'6" with V front
    3500 lb. axle
    15" tires with fenders 6 lug
    two winches
    2" coupler
    safety chains
    steel tube frame
    axle goes all the way across
    drop tongue, welded back to the center of the frame
    POWDER COATED (now free with all standard trailers)

  • 3 layer enclosure
    outside layer is a 600 denier, your choice of pattern, (camouflage fabric included in the standard price, a solid color add $180.00) water resistant, polyester
    center is lined with 3M Thinsulate TM WE UPGRADED FROM A 151 GRAM INSULATION TO A 210 GRAM INSULATION
    inside layer is a 300 denier black-out polyester, this fabric is both water repellent and flame retardant

  • 8 windows
    four large zip open windows 17 x 25, two on each side of the trailer
    two front 12 x 12 windows
    two rear 12 x 24 windows
    Our windows are a 20 gauge clear -20 degree cold crack, vinyl, double polished, and UV resistant with bound edges for strength.

  • 8 window covers/flaps

  • 4 shoot through screens for the large 17 x 25 windows

  • 6 fishing holes
    installed and equipped with Catch Covers (round)

  • 3/4" treated floor

  • full rear opening door

  • tail lights


Add any of these options to customize your trailer.

  • Zip open windows with shoot through screens (add this to the standard front or rear  windows to make then operable, or for any additional           
    windows that are added to the trailer)

  • Catch Covers  (not installed)

  • Installed Catch Cover

  • Full Rear Opening Screen Door (camouflage screen matches the camo on the trailer)

  • Replacement/Additional Window Screens (camouflage screen matches the camo on the trailer)

  • Water Fowl Opening

  • Sky Light 12 x 12

  • Matching Enclosure Storage Bag

  • Privacy Curtain (located inside the front peak of the trailer)

  • Powder Coating                                                                                                                                                     $0.00 (NOW INCLUDED)

  • Additional Three Layer Camouflage Cover

  • Card Table and Four Chairs With Matching Camouflage     

  • Mesh or Camouflage Pockets (inside the trailer, have them button to the bars or the cover)

  • Screen Porch With Hardware

  • Three Layer Porch Enclosure Porch With Hardware

  • Screen Porch

  • Three Layer Porch Enclosure

  • Porch Hardware

  • D-Door

  • Foam Undercoating

  • Spear Hole and Cover Installed

  • Height Extension (to fit larger ATV"s, up to 12 inches)

  • Bunk Frame                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Carpet                                                                                                                                                                                         
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